Course Guide

Fuji International Speedway was established exactly 4 decades ago.
It has very beautiful landscape of the majestic Mt. Fuji on a fine day.
The course length is 4,563meters.
Let us start to introduce the race track from the main straight. The main straight length is 1,475m and it is the longest one out of the Grand Prix circuit.
Difference of the highest speed at the main straight depends on how to accelerate from the Panasonic Corner. Also, to overtake using slipstream is to offer exciting scene during the race.
The First Corner is the key point that full braking from high speed in the Home straight would decide the performance. You may feel the very strong braking which is one of the features of Formula One.
Through the exit of the First Corner with 10% downhill, the car presses the gas going into the gently curved the Second Corner to the Coca-Cola Corner.
In the Coca-Cola Corner, Passage speed from the clipping point of the First Corner and following accelerate seriously affect the Coca-Cola Corner. The exit of the corner rises and difficult to see outside of the exit so that this point is difficult for accelerate timing.
Between the Coca-Cola Corner and the Fifth Corner, there is a mid-speed 100R. The moment is occurring in the left to the exit of the 100R, the car will be approaching to the left turn of the Hair Pin Corner with full braking. This is very tight corner for the car which to perform braking while a moment changes from the left to the right.
This corner is also one of the passing points.
It becomes compound 300R, depending the car setting would be affected for driving speed from the Hair Pin Corner to the Dunlop Corner. In front of the Dunlop Corner would be an effective passing point.
This point is the lowest altitude in the course layout.
After the Dunlop Corner, between the Thirteenth Corner to the Netz Corner, it is very different from the high speed areas. The driver needs to control their demand to accelerate. This area is very difficult to drive rhythmically. Due to differences of the balance between high speed areas, both of the driver and the team need to concern or make decision of the car setting. In fact, this area is very important over taking point for other formula car race.
Finally, the Panasonic Corner comes. As we mentioned beginning, exit speed of this corner would be tremendous effect on the highest speed at the Main Straight.
There must be exciting that the Formula one pass through in front of the Grand Stand and it is second to nowhere in the other circuits.
Please join and enjoy the formula one race at Fuji International Speedway.

Circuit length:4,563 meters, Longest straight:1,475 meters, Altitude:545 meters to 580 meters